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Will someone talk to me :(

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Im so FAT
Ok so now Im HUGE since having my 1st baby 7 months ago, I used to be a size 6, now im a size 12 and i need desperate help! Can someone be my diet buddy - 07969770772 tell me im fat when i want to eat, i need to get back on track!

CW - ..... 157

1st Goal - 130

2nd Goal - 120

Ultimate Goal - 110

Please help

Today I binged,....

Breakfast - chicken salad - 270 calories
Lunch - cheese and bacon pasta and 3 pieces of garlic bread
Dinner - rice and fish

I need help someone email me, pure_chick666@hotmail.com
or msg me on facebook,. Rachael Twinkz

Thanks all xxxx

I really need help...

to lose some weight, im sick of people calling me fat.  Im a size 12 so really not enormous but i want to be a size 8 again like i was before getting pregnant.  Im from the UK - England - Can anyone be my diet buddy? I want to restrict as thats the only way i can lose weight,im a binge eater, greedy cow :o

Msg me xxxx

5ft 6
CW - 11Stone
GW - 8stone

Alotto loose :(

I managed to lose about 4 pounds over the last couple of days, usually I binge quite a bit but last few days I have just ate when forced to, so am happy i lost some weight, still must try harder !!! having a lettuce and water day today, rather then bein forced to eat bad foods, if i eat some lettuce my boyfriend will be happy :) xxxx

Ok so i really want to get down to 115pounds as my first goal and then 105 pounds :) xxx

calorie count

Sat 11th April

Ok so yesterday I just drank water until the fella made me eat a ham sandwich, luckily no butter or mayo or anything. 2 slices of wafer thin ham and 2 slices of white bread :-o

How many calories is that???????? hmmm...

Today - Easter Sunday

I have had a Wispa Bar :-o   (got me out of being forced to eat my five easter eggs tho!!!)

210 calories, 8.1 sat fat ! Uh oh, well other then that... I have had, 2 cuppa tea's, no sugar, drop of milk and lots of water... so under 300 cals today ? ... not to bad I suppose but i wanted to fast !! Is so difficult when you have a boyfriend watching your every move doh!! Good job he is at work tonight or he would be making me eat some dinner !

Off to do some exercise now... bit of bopping around hehe, maybe work off the ham sandwich from yesterday haha.

hope you all are well and staying strong !! x proud I havnt binged lately!! x


Hi :)

Will someone talk to me.

I feel so alone right now.

xx Twig


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