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18 August
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Hi... Im not sure really what I want to say in here but I guess I will just tell you a little about me.
My friends call me 'Twig' I like it :) Makes me feel skinny, atleast until I catch my reflection in a mirror. Im the girl known for always having a smile on her face. If im honest I smile to cover up the sadness, I hate people trying to cheer me up, whats the point? Once you stop laughing the pain/sadness will still be there?

I am 22 years old and 5ft6, I weigh 124 pounds.
I dont like calling my self anorexic, I am to fat to be an anorexic ! I just want to be skinny thats all, its all I ever want, just to be perfect :) Goal weight 105 pounds. Am trying hardest to fast right now, would be so much easier if people stopped trying to force me to eat !!